Owner and principal designer Anastassios Politidis started out as a fur/leather designer and patternmaker.  With his expertise and depth of knowledge in the fur industry, he can offer a unique experience… turning the fur you’ve dreamed of into a reality. 

At Alexandros, we start the design process with a free consultation and a sketch of your custom-made creation, next we choose the pelts and discuss the best fur suited to the style you have chosen.  We will then create a cotton canvas mockup for a first fitting and once the fit is perfect, we move to the final fitting, which will give you a sense of the final garment, assuring you of the fit, quality and style - all at an unparalleled price.

In addition to our custom designs, we also work miracles on older and inherited items that no longer reflect your taste.  They may be out of style... not your color... or they may just need a fashion make-over!