Storage and Cleaning

Give your fur the treatment it deserves… Keep your garment looking incredible for years to come with our climate-controlled storage and replenishing cleaning service.

Fur Storage Only $55.95

Executive Fur Storage $84.95
($159 value, includes moisturizing treatment, cleaning & glazing)
  • All storage and work done on premises
  • Ask about our repair &  remodeling services
  • Pickup and delivery available
  • Private, secure parking

Our professional staff will inspect each garment and clean and revitalize your fur. Then to protect your investment and add years of usage, we will store it in our climate-controlled vault, keeping it safe from heat, humidity and pests. Store your coat with peace of mind at Alexandros.

Call and ask about our specials and complimentary pick-up service nationwide.

You  get your car tuned, your fine jewelry repaired and maintain the valuables in your home in good working condition. Your fur is just as deserving of care.

You’ve made an investment in your garment. Protect it. For longevity and to help prevent costly repairs, have it professionally stored each season to keep it in good shape. Air conditioning in your home takes the moisture out of the air and out of your coat. Proper garment storage safely keeps your garment in a cold, dark, humidified environment away from heat, drying air conditioning, household pests and mold.

If you would like a complimentary storage pickup or have any questions, please call:

We have delivery (or pick up) available in all 50 states by messenger, UPS or USPS.